Prioritise what’s important and outsource the rest?


Recruitment Agency owners have many pressures on their time - how do they decide what to prioritise and what to outsource

Prioritise what’s important and outsource the rest?

Setting up your recruitment agency was probably one of the best things that you have done in your life.  Starting up your own business can be exciting, challenging, and scary all at the same time.  

Fast track to present day and your agency is hopefully successful but with that comes even more challenges.  The last few years have brought their fair share and the current climate for the sector remains challenging.  With the well documented shortage of talent and skills along with changing working patterns, increasing legislation and technological innovations you have your hands full.

Focusing on growing your agency is no doubt your priority but making sure your agency runs smoothly can get in the way with time consuming and unproductive tasks taking up too much of your time.  The team at Pulse Outsource have many years’ experience working with agencies and have compiled what we see as the key priorities for you and your team as well as those parts of your business that are time consuming and unproductive and could be outsourced to make your life easier.

Prioritise these important areas for your attention

  • Managing Client relationships - The saying customer is king is never truer for agencies.  Client companies need to trust that you understand their business, how it works, the way they do things and most importantly the type of people that will succeed with them.  When you take on a brief from a client, you need to focus on getting it right so you can secure a successful candidate your client loves!
  • Sourcing quality candidates – Finding, getting to know, and placing candidates has become more challenging in recent years with the shortage of quality candidates as well as changing expectations.  Time needs to be focussed as much on sourcing the candidates as it does managing the client if you are to secure placements.
  • Researching new opportunities – You may have a book of loyal clients, but things can change.  If you want your agency to grow, you need to set aside time to research and identify potential new clients in sectors that are growing and/or increasing their use of contract staff.

Outsource time-consuming and non-productive activities

Essentially these activities are focussed on growing your business and keeping clients and candidates happy.  However, there are many back-office tasks that need to be undertaken to ensure the smooth running of your agency, but which could be outsourced rather than taking on additional people and the costs associated with increasing your team.

  • Back Office Support - Your primary focus must be on securing new clients and sourcing good quality candidates for roles.  But your time can be consumed with back office administrative tasks.  We know that for agencies who rely on finding and placing contract staff, ensuring you have efficient payroll and invoicing processes is vital to the smooth running of your business. These time consuming and increasingly complex tasks can distract your efforts away from the more rewarding focus of winning new business contracts. Outsourcing these activities can prove cost effective and save you time to focus on growing your agency.
  • Compliance - As an agency, there is a growing amount of legislation that you need to ensure you are compliant with from HMRC, Agency Worker Regulations, IR35 etc. It takes time to understand what you need to do to ensure you comply which takes up much of your valuable time.  You can outsource this to experts who ensure you remain fully compliant so that you can grow your agency with confidence.
  • Marketing - If your objective is to grow, then it’s important that you keep visibility of your agency high through investment in marketing to help you attract quality clients.  Outsourcing marketing to an external supplier to drive your online presence through relevant and engaging content is key to your growth strategy.  It doesn’t have to be expensive; you can source an agency who can look after all areas of marketing, or you could choose to work with a consultant who can flex with your requirements.

Pulse Outsource can support your back-office functions whilst also providing access to funding to support your cashflow reducing the burden of non-productive tasks leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – servicing your clients by finding and placing quality candidates. Our expert team takes care of these tasks freeing up your time to focus on growing your business:
Our comprehensive and cost-effective back-office solution includes:

  • Timesheet entry
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll processing
  • Credit control 

We understand how challenging it can be to juggle all the tasks that need to be completed to ensure a comprehensive, compliant, and timely service to your workers and your clients.  When you entrust your back-office processes to Pulse Outsource, you can be assured that you have chosen the right partner.  Our experienced team work hard to deliver a service that exceeds expectations with a high attention to detail leaving you the time to focus on driving your plans forward.  

If you would like to find out more about our back-office support and funding solutions, then call us on 08456 461340 or visit our website.



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